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Annual Tent Sale

Annual Tent Sale July 30th to August 1st Shop 1 Day Early! Exclusive early start today July 29th.   Save up to 80% off Spring & Summer Merchandise  Johnston's ----------- Shirts starting at $9.99 Pants starting at $19.99 Suits starting at $99.99  section37 ----------- Save on your favorite brands: Joe's Jeans, Hudson Jeans, AG Jeans, Yoana Baraschi, 7Diamonds, Tart, JShoes, and Emu Shoes...many more of the best brands   Johnston's by Betty ---------------------- Take an additional 15% off Thursday, Friday, Saturday Johnston's by Betty only

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Bellroy Wallets

We have the perfect gift for him: Bellroy Wallets. See what makes these wallets so special and unique:

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet from Bellroy on Vimeo.

The Hide & Seek from Bellroy on Vimeo.

Bellroy – The (nude) Slim Sleeve from Bellroy on Vimeo.

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Pyrrha Talismans

Each Pyrrha talisman is cast in reclaimed sterling silver or bronze from a 19th century wax seal and is handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada. Below are some of our in-stock Pyrrha Talismans.

Butterfly Heart
Butterfly and Heart:
This handcrafted talisman necklace reads Tu Me Fixe in French meaning “You Complete Me”. The butterfly is a symbol of the soul; the heart, love. Shown together they represent soul mates.
Heart Lock
Heart Lock Talisman:
This handcrafted talisman reads ‘La Clef Est Y Vous’ in French which means ‘The Key is Yours’.
Love Conquers all Jewelry
Love Conquers All: This handcrafted talisman necklace reads Omnia Vincit Amor which means Love Conquers All in Latin.
Two Hearts One SoulTwo Hearts One Soul: This handcrafted talisman necklace features a cherub sitting on a pedestal with two hearts on it. It is reaching toward a butterfly, signifying the joining of the hearts into one soul.
Hearts ForeverHearts: This handcrafted talisman necklace reads ‘Forever’. The tied ribbon above the hearts symbolizes the uniting of two souls. Cupid Arrows Talisman

Cupid’s Arrows Talisman: This handcrafted talisman necklace features a heart, which, when shown being pierced with arrows, symbolizes intense love.

Integrity Talisman Necklace: This handcrafted talisman necklace reads ‘Toujours le Meme’ in French, which means ‘Always the Same’. The jasmine branches represent devotion and constancy.
Lion Carries Cupid Talisman
Courage Carries Love: This handcrafted talisman necklace features a lion, symbolizing courage, and a cherub, which symbolizes love. When pictured together they represent the harmony that arises when love is approached with honesty and truth.
Rare BirdsRare Birds: This handcrafted talisman necklace depicts two lovebirds and reads ‘Unique Quoique Deux’ in French which means ‘Unique Though Two’. This represents two unusual types who have found each other.
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